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THE BENEFITS OF Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray

A couple of years back, none of us could have known of the imminent arrival of
masks, sanitizers or disinfectants in our life. And today, we make sure that while
heading outdoors our belongings do include these products.
Our team of professionals always vow to bring better services and options to the
table. Hence, introducing the Iyuraa Phytoscience Multipurpose Disinfectant
Spray. Be it the routine home-cleaning sessions or the parcels delivered to your
house, this Disinfectant Spray makes sure you stay protected from agents that
may risk your health. It has benefits of Ayurveda in its contents and the
convenience for users in its easy application method. No water, no rinsing, no
scrubbing. Apply on a surface and watch it dry within 10 seconds!
Suggesting you a few numbers and terms that could help guarantee your trust on
this product!
It is composed of 72% alcohol. A study from as recent as 2021 proves that alcohol
most definitely disinfects surfaces from Covid-19 virus and many such microbial
pathogens. Thus, the Iyuraa Phytoscience Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray leaves
you with little to no worries about the safety of you and your family.
Isopropyl Alcohol or IPA makes up this alcohol content. We consider it important
knowing and mentioning the alcohol type due to it being responsible for the
product characteristics- Unlike, Ehthyl alcohol, IPA leaves zero stains on your
curtains, sofa, chairs or packages.
No worrying about unnecessary stains anymore!
We specialize in bringing you closer to nature and have found ways to integrating
it in our services. The spray has extracts of Coriander, Shati and Nagarmotha,
giving it a milder and more pleasant aroma. The Citrus odour is not strong and
irritating, rather just enough to be pleasant.
While talking about disinfectants, we possibly cannot leave out our very own
Azadirachta indica or Neem! The age-old herb that has anti-microbial effects.
These benefits are also obtained by Ushira or Vetiveria zizanioides extracts in the
Disinfectant Spray.

While “the new normal” might have brought forth difficult adapting, it sure has
added more values and defenses to how we approach healthcare. Let us keep
learning healthier ways to life.
Let the Iyuraa Phytoscience Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray provide you all its
natural goodness against microbes and pathogens.

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