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The Hidden Treasure of Herbs for a Healthy Life


hroughout human history, herbs have played a key role in treating
human diseases. In thousands of years of trials, we have found many
herbs which are good for treating ailments and curing serious health
problems like cancer, diabetes and atherosclerosis. (Herb refers to a
plant that can be used by humans or animals for food or medicinal
Herbs are also the treasure houses of potential drugs. About 80% of
developed countries are using traditional medicines based on
compounds derived from herbs. According to World Health
Organization medicinal plants or herbs would be the best source to
obtain variety of drugs. Nowadays there has been an increased
awareness about medicinal plants. In India there are many indigenous
medicinal systems such as Siddha, Ayurvedha and Unani. Medicinal
plants are the richest sources of folk medicines, traditional systems of
medicine, food supplements, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and
chemical entities for synthetic drugs. Plants have been utilized
worldwide as medicines for thousands of years. They are the sources of
many potent and powerful drugs. More than 35,000 plant species are
used for medicinal purposes. Thorough chemical and pharmaceutical
screening of folk medicine and traditional system is responsible for
evolution of modern medicine. Herbal medicines have become more
popular in the treatment of many diseases as green medicine is safe,
easily available and has lesser side effects.

Mother Nature has gifted mankind with tremendous useful herbs to
create a disease free and healthy life.
A shift toward the traditional is evident by the increased consumer
demand for natural ingredients, as well as a preference and trust in
age-old nutritional practices. Consumers are looking for ways to boost
health and wellness naturally and are averse to the overt use of
synthetic chemical based ingredients. Holistic health is a major industry
trend that has boosted the appeal of Ayurvedic-inspired applications.

Iyuraa Phytoscience has also taken baby steps towards the same.
Not only health and wellness supplements and cosmetics but
also the products being used in our daily lives whether for cleaning or
disinfecting can also have ayurvedic based formulations. We will soon
come out with more science based ayurvedic products to make your life
healthy and beautiful …..naturally.

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